Joint Pain

Joints come under an important part of the body which helps to move the limbs. Joint pains, known as arthralgia can be highly uncomfortable and affect the ability to conduct daily movement activities with difficulty.

A joint is a connecting point where bones make contact with the skeletal system. Joints are mobile and help in the movement of various body parts. Joint pain refers to the discomfort, ache, and soreness that is caused in any of the body’s joints usually as a result of injury, infection, illness, or inflammation.

Quick Facts about Joint Pain

  • All joint pains are not arthritis.
  • Many people believe it but there is no scientific evidence between joint pain and atmospheric weather.
  • Joint pain cannot be cured completely but can be managed with proper medical assistance.
  • Gender, age, weight, and work mode are the significant risk factors for joint pain

Symptoms of Joint Pain

Common symptoms of joint pain include,

  • joint stiffness
  • limited joint movement
  • joint tenderness
  • weakness in the joint, or the joint becoming unstable
  • joint swelling
  • fatigue