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We believe that every patient comes with a hope of getting completely treated with homeopathy and trusting us as the best place to rely on which strive us to ensure that this trust is not broken.


Physiotherapy helps to restore movement and function of the body parts that are affected by any type of injury, illness, or disability while reducing the future risk of pain and soreness of muscles.

Hair Fall Treatments

Shedding hairs are always replaced by ingrown new hairs. The concern arises when these hairs cannot be replenished on their own by new hairs, this can result in visible hair loss and baldness.


Asthma is an inflammatory disease of the airways to the lungs making breathing and other physical activities challenging. the airways may narrow and swell while producing extra mucus.


Diabetes is not just a result of excessive consumption of sugar. Having gestational diabetes does not mean your baby will have diabetes. Diabetes can lead to long-term complications, Over time, high blood glucose can lead to heart disease, kidney disease, eye problems etc.


For every illness that causes trouble, you need a trustworthy getaway for its remedy. And Giri Homeo Clinic is a reliable homoeopathy clinic which offers the best homoeopathy treatment for arthritis and helps you to beat the pain of your joints with zero side effects. 

Joint Pain

Joints are mobile and help in the movement of various body parts. Joint pain refers to the discomfort, ache, and soreness that is caused in any of the body’s joints usually as a result of injury, infection, illness, or inflammation.


Migraine is a chronic disease that occurs periodically and patients may experience it as an acute problem. As it’s recurring in nature and needs continuous treatment during the attack.

Child Health

Every parent aims to bless their child with the best but fluctuating health couldn’t be controlled by anyone. Thus, to overcome external factors like pollution or weather change


Specialists at Giri Homoeo Clinic have wide expertise in performing treatments and procedures to treat the health, function, and beauty of skin throughout every stage of life. 

Homeopathic Tretments

Hair Fall Treatments

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What they’re saying

I had a detailed consultation and the doctor understood the problem exactly and after taking his medicnes for 6 months my stones miraculously passed in the urine last week. I am extremely thankful to doctor for helping me to avoid a surgery. Its an awesome experience at the clinic.

Happy with: Doctor friendlinessExplanation of the health issueTreatment satisfaction

This was my first visit at Giri Homeo Clinic. I went there for treatment of my acne and scars. He is the first doctor who explained what exactly issue is and why I am getting these acne.

A friend of mine at work referred the doctor and clinic. Went with less hope of curing my skin disease. But while I started my treatment and completed 3 months my negative hope turned to positive and started believing. My circle of people who new about my challenge started complimenting stating there has been food improvement and even I started feeling the same. Now with high positive hope and will continue my treatment till the end and follow the instructions advised by the doctor and I’m sure with complete cureness of my disease. Thanks to Giri homeo Clinic.